2024 Kids Theatre Camp

    This year’s camp will be using Charlotte’s Web script, shorter versions of the story, farm and fair themes, etc. Will also add in making spider web word art, maybe create some “Save Wilbur” campaign posters to decorate the front lobby area, etc.

    Lakewood Kids Camp 2024

    “Charlotte’s Web”

    Day 1:

    Circle Up/Welcome

    Name Games

    Establish Rules

    Ensemble Building/Trust Games

    Talk about acting

    Introduce Show/Theme and share a

    “Charlotte’s Web”

    Physical/Vocal Warm Ups

    Small Group Pantomime Activity

    Cast show and hand out script

    Read through script


    Day 2:

    Circle Up/Welcome/Refresh Names

    Physical/Vocal Warm Ups

    Teach Area of the Stage, Stage


    Stage Movement Games


    Read the script and discuss

    Read through script and basic blocking


    Day 3:

    Circle Up/Welcome

    Physical/Vocal Warmups

    Teach Vocal Projection and vocal

    projection games

    Read script and discuss

    Work on simple set for show

    Rehearse show focusing on vocal



    Day 4: (kids bring sheets for costuming)

    Circle Up/Welcome

    Physical/Vocal Warm Ups

    Lead character-building activities

    Work on costumes using sheets,

    greenery, foil

    Do a run through of the show with

    costumes and set


    Day 5:

    Circle Time/Welcome

    Physical and vocal warm ups

    Costume/Makeup Time

    Rehearse the show, no script


    Rehearse the show, no script

    Costumes and props set backstage

    Review the week, replay favorite games

    Go over last minute notes and


    Hand out show programs and let kids

    sign each other’s

    Lakewood Theatre Company
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    Mon, Jun 17, 2024 9:00 am
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