Lakewood Theatre Company

    February 5, 2023
    2:30 pm
    Dead Man's Cell Phone is a play by Sarah Ruhl.
    It explores the paradox of modern technology's ability to both unite and isolate people in the digital age.
    March 17, 2023
    7:30 pm
    Murder and mystery loom in the air in Patrick Hamilton's classic Victorian thriller, Angel Street. Mysterious things have been happening in the Manningham household: items go missing, their dog is injured, and Mrs. Manningham hears footsteps coming from the locked, uninhabited top floor. She fears that she is going mad-- that it is certainly what Mr. Manningham believes. But when Detective Rough arrives one night to visit Mrs. Manningham while she is alone, questions arise and secrets are revealed about her husband. Suddenly, insanity is no longer the biggest threat she faces as she discovers she has married a dangerous man.
    May 12, 2023
    7:30 pm
    A Fox On the Fairway takes audiences on a hilarious romp which pulls the rug out from underneath the stuffy denizens of a private country club. Filled with mistaken identities, slamming doors, and over-the-top romantic shenanigans, it's a furiously paced comedy that recalls the "I Love Lucy " classics.
    June 5, 2023
    9:00 am
    Join us for a week of theatre camp and make new friends. You will learn about acting through games and play. All participants will be in a play to practice all the skills you have learned.
    July 14, 2023
    7:30 pm
    The play is a prequel to the popular first book, "Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe", by C.S. Lewis. As such, the novel reveals how Narnia was created and how evil entered the land. The play takes place in different lands, and introduces the background for much of the magical series and the characters' continual fight between good and evil.
    September 1, 2023
    7:30 pm
    It tells the story of a gay couple’s loving but turbulent five-year relationship in Manhattan. The twist is that one of the lovers is a born-again Christian, while the other is an atheist. When Luke is in an accident and slips into a coma, atheist Adam must lean on Luke’s family for support. Adam and Luke’s story is told mainly in flashbacks: their different lifestyles inevitably cause them to butt heads, and the play is full of questions about love, life, and faith.
    October 20, 2023
    7:30 pm
    Three witches tell the Scottish general Macbeth that he will be King of Scotland. Encouraged by his wife, Macbeth kills the king, becomes the new king, and kills more people out of paranoia. Civil war erupts to overthrow Macbeth, resulting in more death.
    December 1, 2023
    7:30 pm
    A new adaptation that includes every word of the novella. Also the main characters of this adaptation outside of Scrooge are the 3 narrators who have all of the Charles Dickens non character lines. They become the the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.