Chaffin’s Barn

    About Us

    In the early 60’s, The Barn Dinner Theatre was conceived and eventually became 27 locations during its heyday. The shows were cast in New York, then the cast would travel from one Barn Dinner Theatre to the next performing each show (as far as Texas & New Mexico)! To accommodate the actors, each theatre had living quarters upstairs that included kitchens, showers, and bedrooms. The cast members no longer reside on the property during the run of a show. The casts in the early days actually waited on the tables, then rushed to get ready for the show. And while the staff and actors no longer wait tables, it is not unusual to see any of our team helping out wherever needed—waiting tables, hosting, kitchen duty, or vacuuming the lobby! As the decades went by, many of the locations were closed or sold off. Today Chaffin’s Barn and The Barn in Greensboro, NC are the only remaining properties from the original chain.

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    Working Hours
    • Weekdays
      10:00 - 05:00
    • Saturday
      10:00 - 08:00
    • Sunday
      10:00 - 02:00
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