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    About Us

    This is our motto at the George Shinn College of Entertainment and the Arts. Our mission is to be a Christ-centered, innovative, entrepreneurial arts community committed to rigorous artistic training, creative collaboration and professional growth. We want makers, not takers. We want you to do, not just to be.

    Unleash your potential. We say that a lot around here too. We believe that you can honor God and be a leader in the entertainment industry. To that end, we seek to train the next generation of believer artists who seek to uplift, challenge, and entertain culture through their art.

    Nashville, Tennessee is our home and it is home to some of the most creative doers in the country. From day one when you set foot on campus in the College of Entertainment and the Arts, you’re a part of this vibrant arts community in America’s “It” city. Come join us and get ready to do some good work.

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